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Hot Cams 1123-1 Camshaft


Hot Cams 1123-1 Camshaft

Product description

Stage 1 cam: Single-cam motor. Improved torque below 9000 RPM with improved peak horsepower over OEM cam. Uses stock valve springs, rockers, and auto decompression mechanism.

From the manufacturer

hot camshot cams

Designed for High-Performance Output

We don’t just sit in a warehouse shipping camshafts. We install them on our own dirt bikes, ATVs and UTVs and then hit the trails.

You’ll find our camshafts featured in popular dirt bike, ATV, and UTV magazines, videos and blogs.

hot camshot cams

Specializing in Camshafts Built for Powersports

Whatever make and model of dirt bike or ATV you ride, chances are we have camshafts that fit.

Our selection of high performance aftermarket parts is one of the biggest you’ll find anywhere.

hot camshot cams

Fits and performs just like OEM camshafts

Installation is exceptionally easy because the camshaft is designed to fit just like the original.

Camshafts go through Dyno performance evaluations by the Camp;E testing center in Urbandale, Iowa

hot camshot cams

Designed and Developed in the Heartland of America

From initial design to production-line manufacturing, Hot Cams are made in the USA where the spirit of adventure lives.

Hot Cams never buys excess inventory from factories and liquidators, like some other sellers do. We need to know our products meet our standards.

hot camshot cams

hot camshot cams

hot camshot cams

hot camshot cams

Hot Cams 1123-1 Camshaft

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