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How To Clean A Gas Fireplace Logs

How To Clean A Gas Fireplace Logs. Proper gas fireplace maintenance helps prolong your fireplace It is a great thing to do before you turn them on for the season.

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Remove any electrical supply to the fireplace. Vacuum away dust and cobwebs. Wipe down mantle and hearth.

Make Sure Gas Is Turned Off.

Return rocks and logs to their previous position and relight your fireplace. If this is the unit you have and you use it frequently, then you’ll probably want to have it serviced every two years. Use compressed air to clear debris from the burner ports.

Vacuum Away Dust And Cobwebs.

Remove the gas logs from the fireplace and take them outside for cleaning. If there are small decorative stones or rocks in the fireplace, please remove them before you vacuum inside. Now, clean the gas logs you had removed earlier.

Remove The Fireplace Surround, If Required.

Open up the fireplace and remove the gas logs, making sure to avoid getting any soot on your carpet or floor. Wipe down mantle and hearth. Use a soft paintbrush to brush away any dirt or debris from the logs.

Turn Off The Gas Valve.

Remember to apply it on a microfiber cloth and not directly on the glass, varela says. When vent free gas log sets get a white film on the them, or the firebox resembles snow and the pilot flame is yellow, you need them cleaned. Use a cloth dampened with warm water if your fireplace manual does not warn against cleaning the logs with water.

Remove The Trim Around The Edge Of The Gas Fireplace, If Available.

Fireside recommends cleaning your gas logs once a year. If you are looking to clean them yo. You may want to place them on an old bed sheet as an extra precaution.

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