Shifting from reality TV to politics, Survivor alum and vocal Republican Nick Wilson wins a seat in the House of Representatives with uncontested results.

The votes came in and were tallied, and the voters in Kentucky saluted survivor Alum Nick Wilson as a new member of the House of Representatives. The reality TV show winner of Survivor: David vs. Goliath was a proud attorney, prosecutor and public defender in criminal law. Earlier this year, former House Representative Regina Ruff announced that she would not run for re-election. Since there was no Republican or Democratic opposition to Nick Wilson, his victory was completely assured.


Nick believes he learned a lot from his time on TV and also from being away from his homeland. However, playing games is very different from how the real world works. Nick believes he’s learned a lot about himself since his competitive days survivor, none of which will correlate with governance as a representative of the House of Representatives. He recently told local news outlet WSPA 7 News: “Survivor was a game to me, and politics is not a game. It is something that touches people’s everyday lives.”

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Nick goes from public defender to representative in the House of Representatives

Nick Wilson from Survivor

Nick Wilson previously served the McCreary County community as a Public Defender and then as Assistant Commonwealth Attorney for Whitley and McCreary counties. His experience is not extensive, but he is knowledgeable about those around him. However, two counties from an entire state is a limited take on the grand scale of things. Luckily, Nick’s participation wasn’t in one, but in two survivor Games allowed him to interact with people from different backgrounds and lifestyles, an experience he will appreciate most of all. Nick Wilson claims “We have so many unique talents in Appalachia, and it would be great to see more economic opportunities for employment, education, [and] for vocational schools.”

Nick’s announcement to run was made in late January of this year, and at the time there were no other candidates other than current House Representative Regina Ruff. When she declared that she should not run for re-election and instead support Nick Wilson, all he could say was how pleased and honored he felt for her support. Representative Ruff supported her decision by stating that Nick “showed a desire to communicate with and serve the people of our region and expressed a desire to run for office at some point in his life.”

Unopposed or not, the votes were taken for technical reasons and it’s up to everyone to play, although there is no official opposition to Nick Wilson. With the volatility of the write-in candidates by default, Nick Wilson won the Kentucky Power Seat. Regardless of how the win came about, Nick is trying to live up to the expectations he set for himself and fill in the place left by the former Kentucky House of Representatives. As a winner of survivor: David vs. Goliath and the newly elected winner in the state, Nick is very optimistic about the opportunity to represent his state.

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Source: WSPA 7 News