Ampco Safety Tools 4648 Wrench Non-Magne Box Non-Sparking End Ranking TOP2 $187 Ampco Safety Tools 4648 Wrench, Box End, Non-Sparking, Non-Magne Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $187 Ampco Safety Tools 4648 Wrench, Box End, Non-Sparking, Non-Magne Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Non-Sparking,,Wrench,,$187,/metalleity5842422.html,Safety,Tools,Box,4648,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,,Ampco,Non-Magne,End, Ampco Safety Tools 4648 Wrench Non-Magne Box Non-Sparking End Ranking TOP2 Non-Sparking,,Wrench,,$187,/metalleity5842422.html,Safety,Tools,Box,4648,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,,Ampco,Non-Magne,End,

Ampco Safety Tools 4648 Wrench OFFer Non-Magne Box Non-Sparking End Ranking TOP2

Ampco Safety Tools 4648 Wrench, Box End, Non-Sparking, Non-Magne


Ampco Safety Tools 4648 Wrench, Box End, Non-Sparking, Non-Magne

Product description

Ampco Safety Tools 4648 Wrench, Box End, Non-Sparking, Non-Magnetic, Corrosion Resistant, 1-13/16"

From the manufacturer

Since 1922, Ampco Safety Tools has set the global standard for Non-Sparking, Non-Magnetic, Corrosion Resistant Hand Tools. Made of Factory Mutual approved alloys, our tools are made of the highest quality for the most demanding and high-risk environments. We invented the AMPCO aluminum bronze alloy in 1914 and our tool line was introduced in 1922. Buy AMPCO and know you are safe.

  • Non-Sparking: OSHA, NFPA, MSHA and other Standards Developing Organizations recommend and require the use of Non-Sparking Tools in flammable environments when combustible vapors, liquids, dust or residue are present. AMPCO Non-Sparking hand tools can help prevent dangerous and costly fires.
  • Non-Magnetic: AMPCO Non-Magnetic Hand Tools prevent accidents and protect property in medical, military and electronics manufacturing locations. They have been independently tested and found to pose no risk in MRI environments, conforming to ASTM F2503 and also meeting the requirements established by ASTM A342. AMPCO hand tools are ideal for use near highly sensitive magnetic equipment and in clean room environments.
  • Corrosion Resistant: Salt water, chemicals and acids take a toll on standard hand tools. Unlike steel tools, AMPCO hand tools provide durability even in the the most severe environments.

*If an AMPCO tool breaks or fails to perform under normal use or service, it will be repaired or replaced at no charge – exceptions include defects from misuse, abuse and normal service wear.

*AMPCO and other copper-based tools should not be used in direct contact with acetylene, ethylene oxide and some explosives such as amatol, DBX and lead azide.

Ampco Safety Tools 4648 Wrench, Box End, Non-Sparking, Non-Magne

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