When paramedic Jayme Erickson got into a car accident last week, it was just another job. However, she later learned that her 17-year-old daughter was the seriously injured passenger.

The Canadian mother was called to an accident in Airdrie, an Alberta city, and treated the seriously injured teenager, but was unable to recognize her own daughter Montana due to the severity of the injuries.

Montana was traveling with another young woman when the vehicle lost control and was hit by an oncoming truck, fellow paramedic Richard Reed told reporters. Ms Erickson worked on treating the teenager for nearly half an hour before finally being flown to the hospital. She was “trapped and critically injured,” the mother recalled. “I sat in the car and took care of it [the patient]did what I could while the fire brigade extricated them”.

Canadian teenager Montana died after a car accident.

Montana was involved in a car accident that later claimed her life, but her paramedic Jayme Erickson didn’t realize it was her. Source: Facebook/CBC News

After the accident, Mr Reed said Ms Erickson expressed her sadness and frustration to her partner, knowing that “tonight a family will most likely lose their daughter”. It was only when she got home from her shift and was picked up by the police that she found out it was her daughter and that she had unwittingly tried to keep her alive. “My life has changed forever,” she said.

“The badly injured patient I had just tended to was my own flesh and blood. my only child My mini me. My daughter Montana,” she wrote in a message to friends and family. “Her injuries were so terrible I didn’t even recognize her. I was brought [Foothills Medical Centre] to see my little girl.” The devastated mother said she was told her daughter’s injuries were “incompatible with life.” She died three days later.

Mourning mother remembers her ‘beautiful’ daughter

Sharing the news with family and friends, the heartbroken mother described it as her “worst nightmare as a paramedic” and said her daughter’s death left the family “overwhelmed with grief and absolutely disappointed”. “I’m shaken. i am broken I’m missing a piece of myself. I have to pick up the pieces and I’m expected to move on,” the mother said of her heartbreak.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Ms Erickson described her daughter as a “banger”. “She was a fighter and she fought to her death,” she said. “And she was beautiful, she was so beautiful.”

Ms Erickson said she wanted the world to know what kind of person her daughter was. “She would love you very much if you were her boyfriend. She would love you to the ends of the earth and back and she would do anything for you. She was a fighter. And she fought,” she said.

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