The regular season is over and it’s time for the final FCS quarterback rankings. Throughout the year, I’ve followed FCS quarterback performance and ranked the best of the best. The list had never gone past 15 before, but with the regular season coming to an end, I decided to reveal my top 50 FCS quarterbacks list.

This list is cumulative and takes into account the entire regular season from start to finish. I’m sure there will be debate over the order, but remember this is my opinion after following and watching games, analyzing stats and ranking FCS quarterbacks top to bottom throughout 2022 .

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This FCS top 50 quarterback rankings ranks quarterbacks based on their performances this season, accounting for every game. Here are some โ€“ not all โ€“ of the evaluated criteria:

  • Counting statistics (yards and touchdowns)
  • completion percentage
  • quality of the competition
  • performance under pressure
  • coupling
  • rushing ability
  • wins

So let’s get to the list.

The top two

FCS’ top two quarterbacks this season really are 1a and 1b, but ties aren’t fun, so I went with 1 and 2. These two quarterbacks are by far the best at their positions in FCS.

1. Lindsey Scott Jr | UIW

You really can flip flop #1 and #2 this season. I give Scott (50 TD passes, 4 INT) the top spot for what he brings to the running game. That extra element easily separates him from Tim DeMorat.

2. Tim DeMorat | Fordham

Tim DeMorat is the leading passer at FCS and has had a remarkable season. It’s picky, but he’s thrown twice as many interceptions (53 TD, 8 INT) as Scott Jr. That’ll be part of the justification for him in 2nd place.

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The best five

The next gap comes in the top 5. The next three quarterbacks on this list have proven themselves to be elite all season.

3. Michael Hiers | Samford

Michael Hiers prevailed in the last month of the season as FCS’ third-best quarterback. He put up big numbers AND efficient numbers to lead Samford to the SoCon title.

4. Schedeur Sanders | Jackson State

When Shedeur Sanders is at his best, he looks like FCS’ best quarterback. When he’s not at his best, he’s still an elite player. That’s how talented he is. While Sanders had some tough games where he didn’t play at the level he showed in his passing clinic against Florida A&M in the season opener, his spikes are still high enough to keep him fourth.

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5. Matthew Sluka | holy cross

Matthew Sluka helped Holy Cross to an undefeated regular season and went on to become one of FCS’ best quarterbacks. Sluka can do it with his arm or his feet, throwing for more than 2,300 yards and rushing for more than 900 yards.

The top 10

The rest of the top 10 quarterbacks have had great seasons and almost never put on a dull performance. Although this group is not at the superior level of the top 5, they are still elite.

6. Tommy Mellott AND Sean Chambers | State of Montana

Tommy Mellott and Sean Chambers form the first of two quarterback duos in the top 10. When each quarterback was out with an injury, the other stepped up and led the Bobcats to victory. What sets this duo apart is that both quarterbacks can run at the elite level.

7. Reece Udinski | Richmond

In his first year in a Richmond uniform, Reece Udinski put on a show. He was the top quarterback in the CAA that year, finishing the game for 3,152 yards and a 24-4 touchdown:interception ratio while completing 74 percent of his passes.

8. Jake Dunniway AND Asher O’Hara | State of Sacramento

Jake Dunniway and Asher O’Hara are a traditional quarterback tandem, with Dunniway being the better passer and O’Hara being the better runner. Together, they led an offense averaging 41.5 points per game. O’Hara even scored a few game-winning touchdowns this season.

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9. Parker McKinney | Eastern Kentucky

Parker McKinney cemented his spot in the top 10 and ranked 9th with a season-ending five touchdown performance. McKinney’s passing ability wasn’t just limited to FCS opponents; He also led Eastern Kentucky to a win over FBS opponent Bowling Green with 324 yards and three touchdowns.

10. Matthew McKay | Elon

If FCS had a comeback player of the year, Matthew McKay could win it. After leaving Montana just before the playoffs last year, McKay came full circle by leading Elon to the playoffs after an offseason move.

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The big…but

While most of the top 10 quarterbacks rarely had a dull moment, the #11-16 quarterbacks did at some point during the season. However, these quarterbacks were sharp in every other game and at times pushed for top 10 status when they failed to achieve it.

11.Fred Payton | mercer

A 500-yard passing performance to end the season shows just how talented Fred Payton is. He could put up big numbers at any time this season. However, he misses the top 10 because of a three-interception performance against Chattanooga.

12.Gevani McCoy | Idaho

If Gevani McCoy had played in the last week of the regular season, he could have potentially cemented his rise up the quarterback rankings with a top-10 finish. Unfortunately, McCoy didn’t play this week. After overcoming a slow start in his first three games to establish himself as the top freshman quarterback in FCS, McCoy finishes in 12th place.

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13. Nolan Henderson | Delaware

I have no doubt that, barring injury, Nolan Henderson will play well enough to finish the season as a top-10 quarterback. he is so good But injuries happen and Henderson has suffered injuries and played through in several games. He gets props for gutting it, but some of his injured performances see him drop to 13th place.

14.DavidRichard | North Carolina Central

Davius โ€‹โ€‹Richard dominated the MEAC with North Carolina Central en route to a Celebration Bowl berth. He threw for 24 touchdowns and ran for 13 touchdowns and is likely to win the MEAC Offensive Player of the Year award when that award is announced. However, Richard struggled with North Carolina Central’s two losses, which included an end zone interception to South Carolina State. This keeps Richard from going any higher.

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15. LucasJohnson | Montana

Lucas Johnson is another quarterback who showed glimpses of top-10 potential before the injury bug took hold. Montana only had one loss before Johnson was injured; The Grizzlies ended the season with four losses. When healthy, Johnson is a dynamic playmaker with the ability to play in and out of the bag. Johnson had a great season, but injuries drop him to 15th place.

16. Paxton DeLaurent | State of Southeast Missouri

Paxton DeLaurent finished the season with 2,155 yards, 17 passing touchdowns and just four interceptions. Those numbers are better than a quarterback’s entire season, and DeLaurent missed the last two games with an injury. He’s another quarterback who, if healthy, could be a top 10 quarterback.

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Tier 2 QBs

17 Cade Brister | basswood
18 Mark Gronovsky | State of South Dakota
19 Kasim Hill | Rhode Island
20 Tyler Huff | Furman
21 Dresser Winn | UT Martin
22 Darius Wilson | William & Maria
23 Reese Poffenbarger | Albania
24 Theo Day | north iowa

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Tier 3 QBs

25 Max Brosmer | New Hampshire
26 Trae Self | Stephen F Austin
27 Mike DiLiello | Austin Peay
28 Cole Doyle | Saint Francis
29 Miles Hastings | U.C. Davis
30 Cade Sexauer | St. Thomas
31 Bailey Fisher | Gardner-Webb
32 Jason Shelley | State of Missouri
33 Preston Hutchinson | Chattanooga

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Tier 4 QBs

34 Quinton Williams | Howard
35 Nick Baker | Southern Illinois
36 Jeremy Moussa | Florida A&M
37 Zion Webb | State of Jacksonville
38 Justin Mueller | Southern Utah
39 Nolan Groom | jale
40 Andrea’s body | Texas South
41 Zevi Corner House | briant

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Tier 5 QBs

42 Eric Rodriguez | Texas A&M trade
43 Blake Stenstrom | Princeton
44 BronsonBarron | State of Weaver
45 Beau Allen | State of Tarleton
46 Connor Watkins | Villanova
47 Aidan Sayin | Penn
48 Tommy Schuster | North Dakota
49 Hajj-Malik Williams | Campbell
50 Will McElvain | Central Arkansas