SC Stay Plus is South Carolina’s federally funded emergency rental program. The intent of this temporary initiative was to provide short-term relief to eligible tenants in 39 SC counties who are experiencing financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

SC Stay Plus has provided more than $267 million in rental and utility services to approximately 90,000 South Carolina residents. Due to the success of the program, SC Stay Plus in South Carolina will operate like many other states and will have to stop accepting new applications as of December 16 at 11:59 p.m.

SC Stay Plus will continue to review all current applications to determine if they are eligible for assistance while funds are available. Applications submitted by the December 16 deadline will also be reviewed to determine if they qualify for assistance while funds are available.

Those living in the 39 counties served by SC Stay Plus who need rental assistance after the December 16 deadline can register for a waitlist on the SC Stay Plus website beginning December 17. When the waitlist link goes live, interested parties can register and fill out an expression of interest form, which will put them on the waitlist.

If, after reviewing all previous applications, there are still funds or funds become available, SC Stay Plus will notify waitlisted parties on a first come, first served basis and invite them to complete an application. Please note that being placed on the waiting list does not guarantee an opportunity to apply or receive financial aid. SC Stay Plus will create this waitlist in the event that additional funds remain after all applications submitted by December 16 have been reviewed, or if additional federal funds become available.

SC Housing recognizes that there is still a need for rental assistance in South Carolina even as this temporary program comes to an end. The group plans to provide any eligible tenant with any available assistance while funds last. For updated program information, visit the website at SC

SC Housing is a self-sustaining housing finance agency dedicated to providing South Carolina residents with the opportunity to live in safe, decent, and affordable housing. Agency operations are supported by a funding base that includes fees and other income generated through the administration of agency programs.