The South Carolina Gamecocks take on the Clemson Tigers. Check out our college football odds series for our South Carolina Clemson prediction and pick.

The Clemson Tigers still have a way into the college football playoffs. They need help, but the path is surely there. The Tigers need TCU or USC to lose. If either team loses, Clemson can come in behind Ohio State-Michigan winners Georgia and either TCU or USC. If both TCU and USC lose, Clemson will make the playoffs if it wins. Clemson would be there even if LSU upset Georgia in the SEC championship game to make the playoffs and give the SEC two teams. If both TCU and USC lose, the playoffs would consist of Georgia and LSU, winner Ohio State-Michigan and Clemson, assuming Dabo Swinney’s team beats South Carolina here and then North Carolina in the ACC championship game. It’s an exciting time for Clemson knowing how brutal and difficult last season was. The Tigers are nowhere near as imposing or overwhelming as they were under Deshaun Watson and Trevor Lawrence, but this year they won the challenging games that the 2021 team likely would have lost. Clemson’s ability to make crunch-time plays was demonstrated in an overtime win over Wake Forest and a come-from-behind win over Syracuse. Now the Tigers are trying to manage their rivalry game at Palmetto State against a team that knows a thing or two about knocking an opponent out of the college football playoffs.

The South Carolina Gamecocks made sure Tennessee would not be part of the playoff talks for the next two weeks. The Gamecocks hammered the Vols 63-38, scoring 21 points in the first and fourth quarters and rolling up 35 points in the first half to humiliate the Tennessee defense. South Carolina quarterback Spencer Rattler struggled for most of the season. On a magical night, he played at a far higher level than he had at any previous point in 2022. Rattler threw the ball all over the yard and hit downfield passes. He established an early rhythm and stayed locked up all night. South Carolina relentlessly attacked Tennessee in the field. South Carolina’s passing game came alive after two and a half months of intense struggles. South Carolina had previously suffered when throwing the ball in larger numbers. That night everything changed. This creates an intriguing backdrop to face off against Clemson, a team that has a far better defense than Tennessee. Can South Carolina impose his will on Clemson, or will this duel be very different for Spencer Rattler and the Gamecocks?

Courtesy of FanDuelhere are the South Carolina Clemson College Football Odds.

College Football Odds: South Carolina-Clemson Odds

South Carolina Gamecocks: +14.5 (-115)

Clemson Tiger: -14.5 (-105)

Over: 51.5 (-114)

Below: 51.5 (-106)

Why South Carolina could cover the spread

The Gamecocks go into this game with confidence, as does Spencer Rattler. We know Rattler is talented, but he didn’t show it for most of the season. Now that he has put in a great performance against a good opponent, he might see the light. A mentally reborn Rattler makes South Carolina particularly dangerous. Also note that Clemson’s offense is not particularly strong and the point distribution is very large.

Why Clemson might cover the spread


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Clemson is a far, far better defensive team than Tennessee. The Tigers will punish Spencer Rattler and immediately send out a message that there will be no free points or easy touchdown drives in this game. If Clemson gets three turnovers from Rattler, this game will unravel and the Tigers will win big.

Final South Carolina-Clemson Prediction & Pick

Spencer Rattler, playing with renewed confidence, is changing the game for South Carolina. The Gamecocks may not win outright, but they should be able to stay within two touchdowns from Clemson.

Final South Carolina-Clemson Prediction & Selection: South Carolina +14.5